Who pays for what?

       The Bride

·   Groom’s wedding ring

·         Gift for Groom

·         Gifts for Maid of Honor and bridesmaids

·         Gift for officiator (if you have a ring ceremony)

·         Thank you gift for parents

The Bride's Family

·         All of the reception costs (i.e., room rental, food, and beverages).

·         Invitations, postage

·         Bridesmaids' bouquets and  reception flowers.

·         Music for the ceremony and reception.

·         Wedding gift for bride and groom

·         Lodging for out-of-town bridesmaids.

·         Photographer and photographs. Videographer

·         Bride's wedding gown, accessories

·          All transportation and parking expenses for the ceremony and reception.


     The Groom

  • Bride’s engagement and wedding rings
  • Wedding gift for the bride
  • Gifts for best man and groomsmen
  • His own wedding attire
  • Marriage License
  • Lodging for out-of-town groomsmen
  • The honeymoon


The Groom’s Family

·         Bride’s bouquet (the bride should select and submit the bill to groom)

·         Corsages for mothers and grandmothers

·         Boutonnieres for the groom’s party

·         Rehearsal dinner and wedding day luncheon (if applicable)


Note:  all of the above is negotiable!


Sticky Situations: 

Question:  What if the groom’s family has significantly more money than the bride’s (and the groom’s mom doesn’t like the way the bride is doing the reception.)?  If the groom’s mom pays for it, does she get to plan it?


Answer:  That is entirely up to the bride.  Some bride’s would welcome having someone else take over - other’s would hate it.  It is still the bride’s day and she is ultimately the one who has to be happy with the plans. The groom’s mom