Wedding Luncheons and Dinners

Meal between Temple and Reception/Open House:
There will probably be several hours between the temple wedding and the reception or open house.  Most people like to have a breakfast or lunch for those who 
attend the temple ceremony.  If you are going to stay in your wedding gown, you need to be careful what you eat.  You don’t want anything to spill or drip on
your dress. You might consider investing in a cute plastic apron to wear, just in case.
If your bridal party is going to leave the temple together to do a photo shoot somewhere, you might want to pack a picnic lunch to eat on the way.  Again, plan 
that meal carefully. I’d recommend  cheese and crackers, hard fruits (apples or pears), hard salami, a French baguette, and a plain cheesecake for dessert. Drink
water or Sprite – no colored sodas.
Be sure to keep your eye on the clock so you get to the reception site on time.
The bride’s parents may wish to have a meal for family and guests who attend the temple wedding even if the bridal party doesn’t join them.  This is perfectly 
The meal could be at a local restaurant or it could be at the bride’s home.  It could be a brunch or a lunch.   (It would be helpful if some relief society sisters could 
come and get the food ready so that guests don’t have to wait an hour for the casseroles to cook.) 
If it is going to be at your home, it would be nice to have one or two tables and chairs set up for the older folks.  
It doesn’t have to be fancy.  Keep it simple and casual so the two families and their friends can mingle and get to know each other.

Rehearsal and/or Wedding Dinner

If you are having a rehearsal for the ring ceremony the afternoon or evening before the wedding, it is customary for the groom's family to host a dinner afterwards that includes all the people who are at the rehearsal.  This does not have to be a big deal.  It can be a barbecue at the brides home.

while most LDS families do not have rehearsals, many do opt for the wedding dinner.  It is a nice way to get the two families acquainted.  The bridal party should still be included because they may not all know each other either and it is helpful to meet before the wedding day.  People will feel more comfortable at the wedding if they know the participants.  This is also a wonderful place for family and friends to do little tributes to the happy couple.

If the rehearsal dinner is in a private room of a restaurant or golf club and you want to have centerpieces on the tables, use centerpieces that could be used for the reception so they can be used again.

If you plan to have assigned seating, make sure the guests at the table would be comfortable with whom they are sitting.  Don't put ex-wives or ex-husbands at the same table.