Things That Should Be Discussed "Before" Your Wedding

We’ve compiled a list of questions that will help you get your marriage off on the right footing:

Things that should be discussed  BEFORE you say “I do” 
If you haven’t talked about these issues, talk about them now – tonight.
·         How many kids?
·         Where will we live? Where will we go on holidays?
·         How will we approach money, debt, and finances?
·         How do we fight? When angry, do you need your space, need to talk it out and resolve it immediately, do you pout, 
implement the silent treatment, slam doors, yell, cry, name call, accuse, get defensive…etc.
·         How often do you wish to have sex?
·         What is your opinion on birth control? If acceptable, whose responsibility is it?
·         How soon before we start a family?
·         Who will work?  For how long?  
·          How were you raised? What was your family dynamic like?  What was your mother like? Your father? What are your 
expectations for gender roles? Were your parents happy?  What are your expectations for marriage?
·          Do we communicate well?  Can I tell my partner everything? Does he/she listen?  Do we understand one another?  
Do we sit and talk frequently?  How important is it for me to be able to talk with my spouse?
·         Do we share similar values?  
·         What are the things we have in common? 
·         What about the interests we don’t share?  Will you each be able to pursue things
         that you enjoy…with or without your spouse?
Feel free to add anything else that is on your mind.  This is the time to get everything on the table 
so there are no surprises later on.