Giving a bride a price gun and letting her loose  to register for her wedding without any training is like giving her a real gun
and expecting her how to use it without injuring herself or others.  (You are saying, "Whaaat?)
   Seriouslysometimes I wonder
if brides fill out their registries blindfolded, or if there is a giant game of laser tag going on between the bride and groom. 
They are going around the room shooting their laser guns at each other and accidentally hitting the bar codes of objects in
their path...ending up with hundreds of items that are the result of friendly fire - and their poor guests need a urim and thummin
to figure out what they really want.

What should I register for?

If you don’t want to receive four toasters and three crock pots, you have to register for the things you really need.  Be sure to have enough
things on your registry for everyone to buy.  If you are inviting 200 people and only register for 30 items, you’ll
still get duplicates and things
you don’t really want or need.  The more things you receive from your gift registry, the fewer
trips you’ll have to make to exchange gifts.

Popular registry sites are large department stores, Target, Williams-Sonoma, Bed Bath and Beyond, Linen and Things, Crate
and Barrel, The Pottery Barn, etc.  These all have web sites so people don’t even have to go out to purchase gifts.  They can
be ordered and sent right from the web site.  Check the items available at each store you are considering and then choose the
store that has the most items you would like to receive. Also keep in mind the financial restraints of your guest.  If your guests
are unlikely to spend more than $20, Williams Sonoma may not be the ideal registry for you.  Also consider keeping the items
you most need the most affordable. For instance, if you really need a toaster, you are more likely to receive the $20 model at
Target than the $120 version at a specialty store.You also might want to ask if the store offers a discount after the wedding for
you to purchase any items still remaining on
your registry.
Be sure you register for things in a wide price range.  There should be plenty of $10 - $40 items for shower gifts and school 
friends who can’t afford expensive wedding gifts.  Also include a few pricey items that could be a group gift at showers or
from relatives.  Keep in mind what your guests can afford.  Don’t register at expensive stores.  Many other stores will have
the same items for half the cost (if the guest is planning to spend $50, she may be able to buy two of your place settings
instead of only one at the expensive store).
The stores where you will be registering will give you a list of the most common registry items.  This is a good starting 
place, but this is your one and only chance to get things YOU want and will really use.

#1 TIP: Think about your ACTUAL life!

Dishes, Flatware and Glasses:
When selecting your dishes, flatware, glasses, etc.  be realistic. Unless you are marrying Prince Harry, you probably don't
need fine china, sterling silver, and Waterford crystal.
If you only get two china place settings, will you be able to
afford to purchase the rest on your own?  (Wouldn't you rather have twelve place settings of your everyday dishes? - select
your everyday dishes with "company" in mind.)

Kitchen Supplies:
If you are not an experienced cook and don’t see yourself having formal dinners, you may decide you don’t really need
pizza bricks, ice cream makers, etc. A fondue pot and crepe pan are only useful to a small handful of people.  So think
outside the box. Think of what you really need.  Will you be buying a small fixer-upper as your first home?  You may want
to register at Lowe’s, or Home Depot for paint, faucets, hardware, etc. or consider registering at Sears for appliances like
a refrigerator or microwave.
A tent and sleeping bags may sound romantic and like a good gift for the groom, but do you have the kind of jobs that 
would allow you time to slip away for camping trips? If you don’t really see yourself using them, it would be better to
register for something else (maybe a DVD player so you can stay home and entertain yourselves watching DVDs together.)
Many brides realize way too late that they will rarely use the gifts they have received.  This feeling is even worse as you 
are making dozens of trips to Target or Home Depot for the things you truly need.  Save yourself a lot of money by
registering smart.
Many brides find themselves returning or selling on eBay items they realize are impractical.  You may receive a fondue 
pot, but not a toaster.  If you sell the fondue pot on eBay, you most probably won’t get the full value.  
You might want to only register for the things you want the most at first and then when the registry starts filling up, add 
more items. This is more work for you, but it might save you time later when you have to exchange some of the
unnecessary luxury items for the more practical items .
You might want to look into a registry that allows guests to help you pay for your honeymoon or your photographer.

Sheets, Towels, etc.
Unless you actually want 15 sets of sheets, don't register for them!
I'm not kidding, I've seen bridal registries where the bride has registered for the same items at three different stores.
One in particular that stands out is the bride who wanted 2 sets of King sheets at Target, 3 sets of King sheets at Bed Bath
& Beyond and yet another set at Macys. One bride didn't seem to know what her bed size was because she ordered 2 sets
of King, 2 sets of California King, and 2 sets of Queen sheets. (Word to the wise, you really only need two sets: one on
the bed and one in the wash!

Do your Homework:

Use the research tools available to you to select the best products in your price range.
Example: I was looking at a brides registry and clicked on the sheets she was asking for. I noticed that there were 10
customers who had given those sheets ONE star out of five with comments like: "I'm writing this at 3:00 a.m. because these
sheets are so uncomfortable I can't sleep." "they ripped the first time I washed them" etc. Select items that have good
customer ratings. Why would a bride select an item averaging 1 or 2 stars when she could find one in her price range with
4 or 5 stars? You don't want to be throwing away your wedding gifts after only a month's use.

There will always be those who go off your register and just buy what they think you would like. By including some out of the
ordinary items (maybe lamps, a decorative mirror, etc.) you might be able to catch these guests and end up with items you
really do like.
Who should go with me when I register?
Your fiancé may or may not be interested in this aspect of the wedding plans.  Ask him if he would be interested in 
helping you pick your china, flatware, bedding, etc.  When it comes to selecting kitchen utensils, pots and pans, etc.
bring your mom along.  She will love being a part of the process and can give you some good tips about what you
will need. A recently married friend can also be a terrific resource to help you put your wants and needs in perspective.
Note:  People want to get you what you really want and need, and it's not going
to be the same for every bride and groom. Register what you really, really want
and need...and you will be more likely to get it!

How do I let people know where I'm registered?
People will ask your mom where you are registered.  The best way to get the word out is to create a free website for your wedding and
enclose a business siz
card in your invitations telling your guests to check out your web site.  You can have your registries listed
on that
site or list your registries at  who will manage your registries for you so you only have to go to one site and
check all your registries there (they may not have every store you are interested in, but it is still a
great convenience and a good site for other
uses as well)
.  You can add or delete items from that site as well as going to the store to do it.  Personally, I like to view items in the store
and see what they look like in person.  But
it is nice to know that you can think about it and add it later at home on-line.