Music and Entertainment

Besides arranging for music, is there anything else you’d like to do?  Would you and your fiancé like to sing a duet? Is there 
anyone you would like to sing a special number (solo, duet, trio, quartet)?  Would your bridal party like to put together an
air band (lip sync).  Would you like to have the guests participate in Karaoke?  Do you have any ballroom dancers in your
ward who could perform a number? Are there any cultural traditions you would like to incorporate? (a hula, bag pipes,
Analyze your ward for skills-- does anyone play an instrument that might add elegance to your reception? Post a note on 
the bulletin board at the university and see if any students respond. Live music, whether by a piano, harp, violin, or something
like unto it, can add elegance, panache, dignity.  A string quartet would be really elegant and could play for both the ring
ceremony and garden party or open house.  If you want dancing at your reception, you could hire a D.J. instead of a band
(if you still want a band, keep in mind that the more musicians who are in the band, the more it is going to cost you), or make
your own CD mix or ipod playlist and have someone be in charge of starting and stopping it for special numbers or events
(announcements, cake cutting, bouquet toss, last dance, etc.) . Be sure the person in charge of the music has a copy of the
reception timeline.
Ring ceremony music
If you are having a ring ceremony, you will want prelude music.  Music for the ceremony is different from the music played 
at the reception. If you are not having live music, you need to put someone in charge of playing the proper music at the
proper time.
Whether you are having live music, DJ, or CD, you will want to decide on the music played (and any music you do not 
want played).
To listen to suggested music, go to and type in “Wedding Music”  several albums will be listed.  Click on 
the album and scroll down the page.  They usually have the songs listed and you can listen to samples of each song.
For more music suggestions, go to:
Music: even if there isn't dancing, music adds a lovely touch to any reception.
With the dawn of iPods, iTunes, and the like, anyone can be a "DJ” by creating a playlist.  For twenty dollars you 
can download twenty songs that can set the mood for your reception for over two hours. Choose a musical style to
reflect the tone or atmosphere you are seeking to create: Country, jazz, classical, big band, Top 40, sacred, or
wedding staples like Frank Sinatra, Etta James, Ella Fitzgerald, Dean Martin... even disco or eighties hair band metal! 

Here are a few suggestions to get you started:
Ring ceremony music:
               Pachibel’s Cannon in D
               Bach’s Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring
               Vivaldi’s Four Seasons (Spring)
               Bach’s Air on the G String
               Handel’s Air from Water Music
               Trumpet Voluntary in D Major
               Bach’s Sheep May Safely Graze
Reception music 
               (Love Songs):
               How Sweet it is to be Loved by You
               Can’t Help Falling in Love
               It had to be You
               The Way You Look Tonight
               At Last
               (Classic Rock)
               Twist and Shout
               Brown Eyed Girl
               Johnny B. Goode
               My Sharona
               Mony Mony
               Rescue Me
               Soul Man
               My Girl
               Dancin’ Queen
               Play That Funky Music
               Stayin’ Alive
               (40’s & Swing Favorites)
               Jump Jivin’
               In the Mood
               Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
               It Don’t Mean a Thing
If you’d like to listen to some music to get ideas for your reception music, go to:

 (in right margin under "Music" you'll find ring ceremony music and reception dance music)

 You can also search for music and  listen to samples at or

Finding a DJ (and getting the best price!)

If you know any brides who have used a DJ, ask to see their wedding video.  Listen to the music he played and how the guests responded.  Was he able to get them out on the dance floor?  Ask her if she was happy with him.


The best way to save costs on your DJ is to e-mail them all at once with the same request for bids so they can see their competition.  You’ll get much lower bids and even offers to upgrade their service.



For the person serving as your DJ:

“Ladies and gentlemen, if I can have your attention please. I now have the honor of introducing Mr. and Mrs.______________  and inviting them onto the dance floor for their first dance as husband and wife.”


                                              Play designated first dance song:


“Now I would like to invite the bride and her father to take the floor”

                       Play father-daughter dance song:


“If the groom and his mother will please take the floor”


“At this time I’d like to invite the grandparents of the bride and groom to join them on the dance floor”


“Now, if the entire wedding party would join them on the floor.”