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Welcome to our Website!

Our book was published in 2007 and there are very few copies around anymore so we decided to put the book on the web for all of you to enjoy.  We couldn't cover "everything" in this book so we created a companion website (that is loaded with photos):  asimpleldswedding.com  -   The table of contents in the margin (following the photo of the San Diego Temple) will navigate you through that site. 

To read the book, stay on this site. Feel free to navigate back and forth between websites.

FYI: you can tell which website you are in by where the table of contents appear.  When they are in the left margin, you are in the BOOK, when they are in the right margin, you are in the SUPPLEMENT (with more photos).

Here is an example of what you will find in each chapter:


Buying the Ring
Before you Begin
Conceptualization (Formal, Semiformal, or Informal?)
Set the Date
Breaking the News

The Budget
How Much Should the Budget be?
How to Get Back Some of What you spend
Keeping Trak of Expenses
The Budget
Sample Budgets (go to: asimpleldswedding.com)

Who Pays for What? 
Sticky situations 


Choosing the Bridal Party

What are the duties of the bridal party?

Stationery (Save the Date Cards and Thank You notes)

Engagement photos in your invitations

Gift Registries  

How do I let People Know Where I'm Registered?

Guest List
Compiling the Guest List: His, Hers...and Theirs?
Who Will Actually attend?
Sticky Situations


MEN AT WORK includes:

The Groom’s Duties                                                                                       

Best Man                                                                                              Groomsmen                                                                                                    

Father of the Bride


The Wedding Gown (see asimpleldswedding.com for photos)

What Can I Expect to Pay for my Wedding Gown?

Sizing of WEdding Dresses

Where Should I Look?

Bridesmaid Dresses

What to Do With Dresses After the Wedding



Planning the Temple Wedding

Sacred, not Secret

What to do about non-members…                            

Why the Temple?  Quotes from the prophets            

Preparation for a Temple Sealing                               

More information regarding Temples                        

Ring Ceremonies 

floral suggestions

when to schedule

who conducts?

who keeps control of ring?

where to have it?

what takes place?

PreWedding Celebrations

The Bridal Shower


Wedding Luncheons and Dinners


THE RECEPTION  includes:
When Should I Have the Reception?
How Long Should It last?
What if it Rains?
Choosing the Location for the Reception
   Specialized Wedding Reception centers
   Country Clubs
   Parks, Beaches, Mountains, and other outdoor venues
   Museums, Libraries, Historic Homes, College facilities
   Church Buildings
   Tourist Attractions
   Cultural Hall
   Garden Party
   Open House
   Think Outside the Box
Things to Consider When Booking a Venue for Your Reception

Guest Book

Receiving Lines

Setup/Rentals/Food & Beverages

How to Bargain with Vendors


Decorations ( check out "Uniquely You" at asimpleldswedding.com  - to find out how to transform the cultural hall.)

Flowers and Centerpieces (at asimpleldswedding.com )

Dessert Tables and Cupcake Displays ( at asimpleldswedding.com )

Candy Buffets

The CAKE!  (at asimpleldswedding.com )

Photographer (how to find one, budget tips, disposables, important shots to get)

Videographer (why hire a professional? What if I can't afford one?)

Music/Entertainment (you can listen to music choices at asimpleldswedding.com )

Wedding Coordinator - Why is she necessary?
Checklist for the Day of
Getting the Best price on your wedding vendors

Favors (at asimpleldswedding.com)
Your Grand Exit (see bottom of "Uniquely YOU")


Securing a marriage license                                                                  

Emergency kits                                                                                     


Thank you’s to bridal party & parents

Thank You Notes                                                

Make up Hints 


Ways to Reduce Stress

Frequently Asked Questions

The Honeymoon


Home from the Honeymoon - Now What?

List of Things to do
Preparing for Marriage, not just the wedding
What to expect the first year