Choosing Bridal Party

The bridal party is optional for LDS couples because there is no traditional walk down the aisle.  The wedding party’s only function is as “accessories” in photos.

There are other reasons why you may choose to forgo bridesmaids and groomsmen:

It cuts down the costs of bridesmaid’s flowers and gifts to give bridesmaids.  More importantly, you avoid some of the following issues:


  • Do you have to ask someone to be a bridesmaid just because she asked you?
  • What if one of my sister’s daughters is too young but she still wants her two year old to be in the ring ceremony?
  • I have a big family and I want to ask two of my closest sisters to be bridesmaids but not the other two.  Etc. (see Frequently Asked Questions” for answers)


The best way to include everyone who thinks they should be part of your bridal party is to give them each a swatch of your wedding color(s) and tell them to find something that color. If you are having a ring ceremony, tell them you have to limit who walks down the aisle, but as long as they are in the wedding color(s) the photographer will know who they are and include them in the special group shots.  If your colors are pink and green, tell them to wear pink and you’ll provide a green ribbon for them to wear as a belt. 

You could make floral head wreaths for the little girls to identify them as family. 



What are the duties of the bridal party?

Maid of Honor:                                                                                                            

~Helps bride with shopping, invitations and other details as requested.
­­~Attends all pre-wedding events.
~Pays for own wedding attire.                                                                             

~Organizes a group gift from the bridesmaids to the bride (and gives gift to couple)
~Helps bride in arranging veil and dress for photos.
~Returns bride's gown to designated place after wedding.


~Purchases and completes fittings of their own gowns. (See “Bridesmaid’s Dresses”)

~Performs tasks as assigned by bride  (may include tending the guest book, acting as hostesses at the temple for non-member guests.)

~Helps with wedding shower and attends showers.                                                                                         

~Contributes to group gift to the bride (and each gives a gift to the couple.)            

 ~Once the first dance is out of the way, it is your cue to boogie all night. (the guests will take their cues from you.)                                                                                 

~Dances with any single males and introduces them to others.                                                                                                             

~Gets in line for the bouquet toss and looks like you are enjoying it.

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer:

These are only required if you are going to have a ring ceremony.  However, if you have small children who are special to you, it is always adorable to have them dressed as if they were part of the wedding party.  It makes for great photos and the kids (especially the girls) love being a part of your celebration. Personally, I love to see little girls with floral garlands in their hair and dressed in the wedding colors.  It also makes it easy for the photographer to spot important family members. He knows that whoever is hanging out with the kids, is important to the bride and groom.

If you are having a ring ceremony, you may choose to involve the bridal party and flower girl(s).  The flower girl walks directly in front of the bride for the processional and right after the bride for the recessional.  She can scatter rose petals or just carry a small bouquet. Talk to your bishop about how you plan to use your bridal party. 

If the children are very young, it is usually best if they sit with their family during the ring ceremony. If they are older, they can stand next to the bride and groom.