Book Review & Interview with Author
by From My Wedding to Yours

Today, I have the honor of reviewing the book, Your Temple Wedding, by Jeri-Lynn Johnson & Amy Jones.

I really enjoyed reading Your Temple Wedding. It's a great book that gives simple answers to questions many brides have - from the ring to the honeymoon. There are also sections for difficult questions such as; What if one parent isn't able to attend the temple? Or if the one side of the bridal couple's family are non-members, how do you explain a temple marriage? Jeri-Lynn and Amy give kind, loving answers to help brides in these situations.

My favorite part of Your Temple Wedding is all the gorgeous photography! Let me tell you, I was surprised at what these authors could do to transform a cultural hall into an elegant and beautiful reception location! No basketball hoops, ladies!

While reading the book, I also had the opportunity to email back and forth with Jeri-Lynn and ask her some fun questions and bridal tips. (BTW - The picture you see is Jeri-Lynn with her daughter, Amy. What a great mother-daughter writing team!)

Q: Why did you decide to write Your Temple Wedding?

Jeri-Lynn: I have two daughters and they both had amazing weddings. We used a wedding planner and yet, I still had a 5" thick notebook full of ideas - so my oldest daughter and I decided to condense our findings into a book.

Q: If you were sitting down with a bride today, what advice would you and your daughter give her?

Jeri-Lynn: Our top tips are:
1. Make your wedding day personal. Have it reflect your personality.

2. Remember, this is just the wedding and reception - don't get carried away and stress yourself out. It is the "marriage" that is the most important thing. Keep your focus on the marriage - not the celebrations.

3. Make every effort to keep within your budget. Don't start out your marriage in debt. Marriage is all about compromise - start practicing that ideal when planning your celebrations.

4. Ladies, contrary to popular belief, your wedding day is NOT all about you. It is also your fiance's big day. Is there anything he'd like to incorporate into the plans? Did you bother to ask?